Boni Osmani


  • HOME ORGANIZATION / DECLUTTERING:  Work with clients at a desired pace to sort through items/areas to design new storage solutions by helping to identify key items to keep, purge and repurpose.  ​Implement easily maintained systems individualized to the client's needs.

  • ELDER ESTATE MANAGEMENT: Manage all downsizing or liquidation of estates due to life changes or inheritance. (see designated Elder/Guardianship Services tab)
    • ​Relocation of Elder Clients
    • Elder Hoarding Clients
    • Estate Liquidations

  • STORAGE FACILITY MAINTENANCE: Cataloguing and electronic inventory of all items for easy access. Facilitate sale or repurpose items no longer needed.  Sort, purge and disposal of items as necessary.

  • DESIGN & ORGANIZATIONAL RE-STYLING: Work with clients to redesign spaces for better organization, flow and desired aesthetic using already existing items and sourcing new materials and contractors as necessary. 

  • MOVING SERVICES: Work closely with homeowners to identify priorities, facilitate sale of items, organize upto/through move day and unpack-set up new home.  Staging and reorganizing services available.

  • OFFICE MANAGEMENT: Identify and streamline office procedure and management of business processes.


  • ONGOING MAINTENANCE: Once the majority of work is done schedule periodic visits and updates to improve systems available if necessary and desired.

At the core of all these services is the priority of understanding and specialized planning to the client's individual needs. The client's comfort and goals are at the forefront of every project agenda.  Plan is determined and pace dictated by the client. No pressure to toss everything or change who you are just know where "it is" when you need "it" and improve efficiency so that you can spend your life living it!