Boni Osmani

"Chester was a grumpy, WWII vet in his late 80's to early 90's when he had a problem with his apartment.  We needed to call in outside people to assist.  Now Chester did not 'take' easily to outside people, I know since he was my friend and colleague for 43 years but we needed help.  In walked Boni, a warm, friendly and very efficient home organizer, who Chester liked immediately. They worked well together in fixing his apartment up and he enjoyed her hard work, wise choices for the changes needed and her friendly company he had with her until all was set right again.  Boni has a way with seniors.  It is a gift.  May she never lose it. Chester passed on at age 96 1/2 but he remembered and spoke fondly of Boni for the person she was and the wonderful job that she did for him to make his life good again.  Thank you Boni. "       
    -Lorraine M,  NYC (CO-Guardian, Elder Project)



A large portion of my services exclusively focus on the elder care community and guardianship cases that deal with individuals struggling with their environments due aging, a change in physical or mental capabilities. I help make sense and take back control of the external areas of a client's existence which in turns helps them, their family and loved ones regain control of a large portion of their life, their home environment.  In the difficult time of a loved ones passing I also help manage the enormity of allocating the items of their loved ones homes and life possessions.

  • Relocation of Elder ClientsStrategize efficient plans to relocate clients to smaller home, senior living facility or assisted living facility.  Both local and long distance moves. Redesign spaces using beloved items and integrate new purchases and organizational systems as necessary.

  • Elder Hoarding Clients: Identify needs, strategize plan and work with all parties to ensure safe environment for client to live in/return to and meet all criteria to avoid eviction. Redesign and set up space with all necessary upgrades that may entail identifying contractors for mold removal/bed bug cases, repairs of flooring and walls , and/or painting.  Ensure items that remain are disinfected / cleaned properly.

  • Estate Liquidations: Work with family, guardians, care managers and estate attorneys to ensure all the wishes of the client are honored.  Secure and organize all vital paperwork - ensure shredding for all other items.  Identify and if necessary ship items to all recipients. Recruit and source appraisers/auctioneers/buyers as necessary. Donate, repurpose or dispose of any items left depending on condition and allowed allocation as per legal parameters.