There is nothing more rewarding for me than helping people regain control of their space and in turn regain control of their lives. I work with people who simply want some help reorganizing a few spaces in their lives to individuals that due to life circumstances and sometime severe trauma need a little more help "catching up". Rather than ask clients to write a testimonial I decided to ask permission to use all the very special and lovely texts and notes I've collected over that last decade.

"Hi Boni. I feel so good about the changes we made. Sometimes I just sit and take in how lovely my rooms look. It brings me the serenity I was looking for. I am so appreciative of what you brought into my life at so many levels .  I will miss your visits.” -Dorothy M., Queens, NY

(2020 - Home Project design & Organization)

“Hi Boni, I love everything you did and whoever calls I give them a tour!! It was a pleasure working with you.” - Bernice G., Hollywood FL/ NYC 

2020 - Organization/Relocation/Design ELDER Project)

Boni Osmani

"Boni took on an overwhelming project that I had been working on by myself for over a year (emptying out a storage unit filled with generations' worth of family possessions) and made the clean-out process manageable. She offered many useful suggestions for sorting through the countless household and personal items (as well as furniture) in the unit and also helped me with difficult decisions when it came to identifying which items were worth keeping, which items were worth selling, and which items could be donated or recycled. Boni has several contacts, vendors, and resources when it comes to reselling, donating, or recycling. I was really happy to have her advice and experience at hand. She is a genuinely hard-working and reliable person and friend (and a great listener too!)." -Amy, Westchester County, New York

(2013-2015 - Storage Facility and Apt Organization)

"Boni, just when I think you can’t impress me anymore, you just go and do it one more time. Your talents have helped me from growing my business with your sales savvy and innovative ideas to literally organizing almost anything I’ve needed from many many years of neglected filling to reworking all my home spaces to waving a magic wand over a disastrous stockroom and of course facilitating many major projects on my behalf.  You are top notch but more importantly a true professional and a pleasure to deal with. Not only did I enjoy both the process but loved the end result...simply the best!" -Lori S., NYC & West Hampton, NY

(2010-2021 - Retail Business/Home Projects NYC & Hamptons)

"Hi Boni today I was thinking about all the work that you did in order to help me. It was not just the help that you offered but you helped me retrieve the lost parts of myself that got buried. Finding my artwork in the storage facility was an amazing experience. You have worked tirelessly to be there for me in what could have been such a painful process that I could not do without you." -Holli A., NYC

(2017-2021 DesIgn & Organization Projets & Storage Facility Organization Downsizing)

" [Boni] I want to elaborate on just how grateful I am to have you, as "Professional Organizer!"  You have worked absolute "wonders" for me, here at Home!  I think you're superb, at what you do!  And, there's nothing better than having a "Pro," who really is a Pro!  So, a thousand "Thank you's!" - Gita M. , NYC

(2016-2018 - Home Organization&Design)

“[Boni], I have been thanking you in my head all day, and wanting to let you know how truly grateful I am for your amazing ability to make sense out of volumes of disorganization!  I am beyond impressed!” - Sue L., NYC

(2014-2018 - Various projects from Elder Parent Relocation/Set UP  to Business Organization to home Organization/Design)